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Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears) Specialist

James A. White, III, MD -  - Otolaryngologist

Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center

James A. White, III, MD

Otolaryngologist located in Alexandria, LA

Tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears, affects up to one in five people. It’s a highly common problem that Dr. White can treat at his practice in Alexandria, Louisiana. At Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center, the skilled and dedicated team can diagnose the underlying cause of tinnitus and treat it so the ringing in your ears can subside.

Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears) Q & A

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a common sensation, usually described as ringing in the ears. It’s not a condition on its own, but it’s an indicator of another problem that’s causing the noise or ringing. Low and high-pitched ringing, clicking, and rushing sounds are common when you experience tinnitus.

Some common causes of tinnitus are ear injuries, hearing loss caused by age or loud noise exposure, certain medications, or a circulatory disorder. The good news is tinnitus responds well to treatment and doesn’t usually indicate a serious condition.

What causes ringing in the ears?

Different factors can cause tinnitus. There are two main types, each with different causes:

Subjective tinnitus

Various problems with the ear or ear canals can cause this condition. Your hearing nerves may be damaged, or the auditory pathways in your brain may not be functioning correctly, causing the sensation. Only you can hear subjective tinnitus.

Objective tinnitus

Blood vessel, ear bone, or muscle issues in the ear cause this rare form of tinnitus. But with this tinnitus, others can hear the noise when examining your ear.

Dr. White conducts an exam to determine the type and source of your tinnitus in order to treat it properly. You may undergo movement and imaging tests so Dr. White can gain a full understanding of your condition.

What treatments for tinnitus are available?

Dr. White creates a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan for you to reduce your discomfort from tinnitus. For example, you may feel better after a simple earwax removal procedure. In other cases, a minor surgery can repair damaged tissues in the ear. Noise suppression devices and certain medications can also help suppress the noise and help you feel better.

Dr. White draws on years of experience to help you hear comfortably again. Call 318-231-2670 or 318-443-1886 today to visit Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center.