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Earache And Ear Wax Build-Up Specialist

James A. White, III, MD -  - Otolaryngologist

Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center

James A. White, III, MD

Otolaryngologist located in Alexandria, LA

Do you feel excessive pain or pressure in your ears or have trouble hearing? Dr. White is an experienced ENT specialist who can help you solve your earache and earwax buildup issues at Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center. Visit Dr. White in Alexandria, Louisiana, today to relieve your earache.

Earache and Ear Wax Build-Up Q & A

What causes earwax buildup?

Earwax is an oil that develops in your ear canal. The wax protects your ear from dust, bacteria, and other foreign substances that can enter the ear.

Sometimes, your glands produce more wax than necessary. Instead of emerging from the ear canal naturally, it hardens. If you attempt to clean your ears, you can push the earwax deeper into the canal, causing more buildup and a blockage.

People who use hearing aids or earphones are also more prone to earwax buildup as these devices may block wax from exiting the ear canal.

Consult with Dr. White before attempting earwax removal at home as you don’t want to cause further damage to your ear. Using cotton swabs or other items to remove the wax can push it further into the canal.

How are earaches and earwax buildup treated?

Earwax buildup can cause temporary hearing loss. It can also cause pain in the ear, an earache, or an infection.

If you experience a wax buildup, contact Dr. White. He can remove the wax using a special instrument in a short and painless procedure. Depending on your circumstances, Dr. White may also prescribe prescription ear drops or use ear irrigation tools to flush out the ear canal.

What can I expect when I get earwax removed?

Most patients report immediate relief when Dr. White removes the blockage. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes and, in most cases, he can get rid of the blockage right away. Your hearing should return to normal immediately. If there’s an infection, Dr. White can prescribe medication to get rid of it.

Some people are more prone to wax buildup than others. Dr. White can help you manage the health of your ear canal so you can feel comfortable and pain-free for years to come.

If you’re experiencing pain in your ears or hearing loss, call 318-231-2670 or 318-443-1886 to book an appointment to visit Dr. White and explore your ear care options at Alexandria Sinus, Ear,and Allergy Center.