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Hearing Loss Specialist

James A. White, III, MD -  - Otolaryngologist

Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center

James A. White, III, MD

Otolaryngologist located in Alexandria, LA

Hearing loss naturally occurs as we age, but you can also become hard of hearing due to injury, infection, or disease. At Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center, Dr. White helps patients in Alexandria, Louisiana, overcome hearing loss through comprehensive hearing health care. Explore your hearing loss care options by calling the office.

Hearing Loss Q & A

What causes hearing loss?

It’s a natural part of life; hearing loss gradually occurs as we age. Almost half of all adults 65 and older experience hearing loss.

Beyond the natural aging process, prolonged exposure to loud noises damages the ears, often leading to hearing loss. Earwax buildup and sinus infections can also cause temporary hearing loss.

Many types of hearing loss aren’t reversible, but you can still boost your current hearing ability with the help of Dr. White.

Which hearing loss treatments are available?

If you have a hard time making out sounds or find yourself asking other people to speak up, contact Dr. White. He can help you find a way to hear better and take care of your hearing for the future.

Your treatment plan depends on the cause of your hearing loss. Some common hearing loss treatments are:

  • Earwax removal to unblock the ear canals
  • Hearing aids, which amplify sounds in your ear, making them easier to hear
  • Cochlear implants, which boost your ear’s ability to hear
  • Surgery to repair an injury or implant tubes to assist in drainage

No matter what caused your hearing loss, Dr. White creates a safe and effective treatment plan just for you.

Does hearing-loss treatment work?

While you can’t reverse most types of hearing loss, you can manage them so you can feel safer and more confidence as you move through the world. You will also find it easier to maintain relationships with loved ones once you address your hearing loss.

Many treatments are available to help you hear efficiently. Hearing aids, for example, are available in various types and styles. And cochlear implants help those who have severe hearing loss hear again.

But some hearing loss is reversible, and you can usually fix it with quick and easy procedures like removing wax buildup.

Call now at 318-231-2670 or 318-443-1886 to visit Dr. White at Alexandria Sinus, Ear, and Allergy Center.